Holonet Blast #5

Only a few items of note this week, so let’s get to them!


Michael Kenneth Williams, perhaps best known as Omar on The Wire, has joined the as-yet-untitled Han Solo spinoff film! That’s literally all we know; no character hints whatsoever. Seems like LFL is at least starting to get the “wow, that’s a lot of white folks” memo, though. Faster than Marvel is, at any rate. (Source)

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Holonet Blast #2

Lots of news this week! New books! New The Last Jedi details! New hair! Let’s dive right in, shall we?


Though rumored as early as December 2015, it’s now official; following the death of original Star Wars actor Kenny Baker, going forward (beginning with this December’s The Last Jedi) the adorable astromech will be portrayed by Doctor Who veteran Jimmy Vee. I guess this makes him R2-D2-2. (source)

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Drowning in Moonlight: a Carrie Fisher Memorial Benefit Gala

Going to Celebration Orlando?

Enjoy food, drinks, cosplay, door prizes, and awesome items to bid on?

You’re in luck.

Drowning in Moonlight is a memorial benefit in honor of Carrie Fisher (1956-2016) and in the service of The Midnight Mission – a cause that was close to Ms. Fisher’s heart. The gala will be held on Thursday, the 13th of April, 2017 in Orlando, Florida in concert with Star Wars Celebration Orlando. The event will feature an ever-growing list of prominent Celebration personalities, sponsors, and fan sites including yours truly, Full of Sith, Jedi News, Star Wars Report, and more.

Drowning in Moonlight will be a “Dress-up or Dress Up” gala: Black tie optional, cosplay encouraged! The night’s activities will feature:

Music and dancing
Door Prizes
A guestbook for fans to express their condolences which will be forwarded to Carrie’s family after the gala
Event-specific merchandise (patches, stadium cups, etc.) available for purchase with proceeds benefiting the charity
Souvenir photos on an event-exclusive backdrop
Food and a Carrie-themed drink menu including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic offerings
A silent auction featuring nerdy and literary goodies from Star Wars and beyond

The Marquee event of the night will be a live-on-stage, multi-network, unified podcast in Carrie’s honor. Podcasters from all of the networks involved will be invited onto the stage to take part in this unprecedented collaborative recording party. The production, which will feature voices from around the Star Wars podcasting pantheon, will include questions from the audience and likely some measure of hijinks.

Drowning in Moonlight aims to celebrate Carrie in a way that honors her memory, does good in her name, and pays homage to her unrivaled sass.

Tickets on sale now!

Celebration Orlando Guide: Navigating and Dining/Entertainment Options

With Celebration Orlando approaching, we’re kicking off a series to help you navigate, plan, and prepare for the convention. Nanci and I are residents and have traversed the convention when it’s been here in the past. We also know that many of you will be taking the opportunity to extend your stay into a bit of a vacation thanks to the theme parks in the area.

We’ll be kicking off this series by taking a look at how you can get from the airport to the convention center, where dine, and what to do for fun outside of the convention. To the jump!

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