Catch Nanci and Brian on Dragon Con panels at the Star Wars track

dragon conAre you going to be at Dragon Con this year? If you are, you can catch Brian and Nanci on a trio of panels on the Star Wars fan track.

  • Friday 1PM: Intro to the Expanded Universe. We’ll be discussing how and where to get into Star Wars literature and offer our recommendations on books/comics/games. Daniel Eisenhauer and Tom Hutchens will be on this panel with us.
  • Saturday 7PM: Blogs, Podcasting, Vidding, and FanFic. We’re joining Riley and Bethany Blanton of the Star Wars Report and Bryan Young of Big Shiny Robot (and Force knows how many other media outlets) for a grab bag discussion of blogging, podcasting, vidding, and fan fiction.
  • Sunday 11:30AM: Where are the Women and Minorities in Star Wars? In a surprise to absolutely no one, Nanci and I will be discussing the role of women and minorities in Star Wars and offer our thoughts onto how the Galaxy Far, Far Away can be a more diverse and inclusive franchise.

The dates and times above are subject to change, but these are definitely the panels that you can find us on. It’ll be like the podcast! Except in front of a live audience. What could go wrong?


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