Ace Space Episode 3: Revenge of the Unnecessary Romantic Plotlines



Welcome to Ace Space, a podcast about being ace and loving space! In our Episode 3 we welcome our new host, Nic! We also talk about the Drowning In Moonlight gala (it’s going to rock), discuss unnecessary romantic plotlines we dislike and the exhalation of romance over other types of relationships in media, and talk about Cole Sprouse’s comments on Riverdale‘s version of Jughead. Are there any romantic plotlines that you find get in the way of storytelling? What are your thoughts on Jughead? And Riverdale? And, continuing from last time, we still want to know if you have a favorite Pokemon region or type or character or whatever. Let us know in the comments below or on our twitter, @AceSpacePod!
The intro music is ‘Goodbye Moon’ by the esteemed Marian Call and the outro music is ‘Stars’ by the excellent Seth Boyer.

You can find Sho on Twitter with the handle @ryorin and you can find Nic with @nicolecieux.

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