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Just what are we? Apart from being the subject of one of the greatest whines in cinema history, we’re a hub for geek culture news, discussion, and snark. As the name implies, the staff here are pretty fond of Star Wars. Be it the films, the games, the novels, or the comics, there’s a good chance we’re eager to talk about it. That isn’t to say we’re all about the Galaxy Far, Far Away all the time. We’re all nerds with diverse interests. You can expect tidbits about everything from movies to comics, television to books.

If you take a look up at the tabs atop the site, you’ll notice that we’ve also got something we like to call Tosche Station Radio, our official podcast brought to you by the Majestic Giraffe Network. Every week you can listen in to Brian and Nanci as they discuss the latest news in Star Wars, geek culture, and fandom in general.

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Nanci, Bria, Emily, Shoshana, Shane, Saf, Matthew, Amanda, and Brian thank you for visiting and hope we’ll become a regular stop on your Internet commutes. As we like to say on the podcast, grab some power converters and enjoy the show.

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About The Staff

Editorial Staff


Nanci Schwartz
Twitter: @nancipants
Staff Email

Nanci has been an Expanded Universe fan since first viewing the Original Trilogy in 1992 and subsequently devouring the Thrawn Trilogy. Her Star Wars favorites include Mara Jade, the X-wing series, and lightsaber fights. She also loves Luke Skywalker maybe a bit too much. Lately Poe Dameron has joined the ranks of things Nanci obsesses over.

When not working or tending to the needs of Tosche Station’s official mascot, Mara the dog, Nanci spends her time writing science fiction. Her other interests include space exploration, history, vapid TV shows, and going to Disney World. Her goal in fandom (other than to make it a more welcoming place for female fans) is to encourage everyone to read her favorite books.


Bria LaVorgna
headshot_briaManaging Editor
Twitter: @chaosbria
Tumblr: chaosbria
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Bria has issues with the word ‘no’ which explains why she writes about Star Wars here, runs a geek fashion blog, troops with Garrison Tyranus/the 501st (ID-27342), cosplays way too much, and takes on ridiculous projects here like the Waru Express. She started out as being known to podcast listeners as “Brian’s bloody comic book enabler”, wrote a Mercy Kill review, found herself on staff, and the rest is history.  Now she gets to go on about Winter Celchu, Knights of the Old Republic, and how Space Married Hera and Kanan are all the time.

In the few moments of spare time she has after working her day job and blogging both here and at her geek fashion blog White Hot Room and her personal blog, she can probably be found sewing, reading, or talking animatedly about Lord of the Rings.  Or possibly being grumpy about tourists to the nation’s capital who don’t respect the sacred law of the escalator.

Staff Writers

Shoshana Bailar
headshot_shoStaff Writer 
Twitter: @ryorin

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Shoshana is a graduate student who grew up and lives on Hoth. Or at least Alaska, which sometimes feels much the same. She’s been into Star Wars since she saw the original trilogy as a wee little tot and considers it her first and one of her most central fandoms. She didn’t start reading the books until a few years after watching the films, but once she started she never looked back.

When not thinking about Star Wars or working on her thesis, Shoshana also enjoys other “Star” franchises such as Stargate and Star Trek, reads about dragons and spaceships, consumes a variety of comics, builds plastic robot models, serves her feline masters, and, if there is such a thing as too much anime, that is probably a good description for how much she watches. And she really needs more book cases.


Saf Davidsonheadshot_saf Staff Writer/Western Reaches Host
Twitter: @wanderlustin
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Saf is a writer, photographer and addicted podcaster from NZ who doesn’t know the meaning of the word, “relax.” She’s been training to be a Jedi since before she can remember, ever since she first saw the OT on VHS, but it’s thanks to The Clone Wars she found herself involved in fandom and constantly thinking about Ahsoka.

Recovering from a chronic illness, Saf spends the majority of her time writing—both creatively and otherwise—and editing photos, generally for her blog, Not Saf for Work. She also talks a lot about Star Wars, mostly on Now, This is Podcasting, Rogue Podron, and Of Dice and Droids though she still doesn’t understand why people listen to her accent.


Matthew Bowers
Staff Writer 

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Matthew Robert Bowers has been described as “more trouble than he’s worth,” “a very bad man,” and “ugh, THAT guy.” His interests include critical analysis of film and television, structural and thematic differences inherent in adapting one form of media to another, and petting dogs. With regards to STAR WARS, his favorite film is THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, he is a theatrical cut purist, and he is mildly obsessed with the STAR WARS line of LEGO building kits.


Amanda Cherry
headshot_amandaStaff Writer
Twitter: @MandaTheGinger
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Amanda is a mostly-unknown redheaded television actress living in Berlin, Germany with her husband, toddler son, dog, and four cats. Originally from Pensacola, FL, Amanda attended UNLV before moving to Seattle, where she has had the good fortune to co-star with such entertainment greats as a tennis ball and The Gecko.

Amanda has been a Star Wars fan ever since those weeks in 1984 when HBO played almost nothing else and she discovered that Princess Leia was the greatest character ever. She found fan fiction in the 90’s and has spent much of the past twenty years writing stories for no pay. Amanda read every book in the Legends EU, most of them in order. She admits they got disappointing for a while (but LOVES the Empire & Rebellion books!). She stuck with it because she can’t bear not knowing how stuff ends. Amanda was team Jag from the beginning and has always appreciated that Luke Skywalker married a redhead.

Amanda loves Han, Leia, Han & Leia, Wedge Antilles, the boys from Rogue Squadron, everyone from Alderaan, writing, Scotch whisky, good wine, roller derby, having an audience, and her family. Maybe not in that order.


Force Ghosts


Emily S.
piloteggTwitter: @CarrKicksDoor

Emily is Shane’s better half. In addition to putting up with Shane’s sometimes very eclectic interests, she’s been a Star Wars fan since middle school and a Trekkie her entire life. She discovered fanfic in high school, and her life was ever changed: particular favorites include more peripheral characters from the Expanded Universe.

When not wrangling her husband and their three cats, she’s working on her Ph.D. in English, which lets her bring an academic (and occasionally really pretentious) viewpoint to fandom. Her own interests are almost as eclectic as Shane’s, as she gets into almost anything and everything even remotely geek related with paranormal romance being a particular guilty pleasure. (But not Twilight. She does have standards.)


Shane S.
piloteggTwitter: @Tank_Hippy

Shane loves Star Wars. He promises. He knows that sometimes it doesn’t look like it, but he really does! He just has really strong ideas about what Star Wars is and what it should be about and he tends to turn a terribly overcritical eye onto everything he reads. Shane has been out of the EU for quite a while, he’s followed Zahn’s work, but he doesn’t know anything after Survivor’s Quest chronologically. But he’s getting there. And oh, there is likely to be rage. And lulz. Hopefully.


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