10 Spinoff Film Ideas

Star_Wars_logoWith news of new Star Wars films comes rumors about just about everything to do with them.  While most of the rumblings have been related to the Sequel Trilogy, the spinoff films haven’t exactly been forgetting in the rumor mill.  We’ve already heard rumors about the spinoff films starring Han Solo, Boba Fett, or even Yoda.  But hey!  It’s a big galaxy out there spanning thousands of years and even more characters.  Why should those three get all of the fun?

Here are ten different spinoff film ideas that I think have some potential to play out well on the big screen.

1. Count Dooku
With the right actor, this could be brilliant!  There’s a lot that we really don’t know about the Jedi Master turned Count of Serenno.  It would give viewers the chance to see an action film staring a Jedi and to also get a closer look inside the head of what makes a Jedi leave the Order and become a Sith.  Top it off with a cameo/small role at the end from Christopher Lee and you are set!  If you doubt that they could find a younger actor who can do justice to a Christopher Lee role, check out how perfectly cast Xavier and Magneto were in X-men First Class.  It could be either an origins film or perhaps just one of his adventures but either way, it has potential.  Personally, I’d prefer to see an origins films that goes through his fall to the Dark Side but I’ll happily watch either.

2. Shatterpoint
Wait hear me out before you shake your head because it could actually work.  While I think that the vast majority of Expanded Universe books are either ill-suited or completely unlikely to get the big screen treatment, this one has potential.  It’s a self-contained story set during a time frame that viewers are already familiar with and it would star Samuel L. Freaking Jackson.  It would definitely have to get an R-rating given the amount of warfare and horrific violence that goes on during the story and it would also definitely be darker than any Star Wars film we’ve seen before.  Regardless, it’s a fantastic tale that isn’t tied to tons of backstory.  Everything the audience needs to know could easily be worked into the dialogue.  Not only that but Shatterpoint would feature a leading cast of actors of color which would definitely be awesome.  Who wouldn’t want to see a wisecracking Nick Rostu on the big screen?  And Kar Vastor?  He would be imposing to say the least.  Plus, SLJ swinging a lightsaber on the big screen again and getting to kick some serious butt is always a plus.  I’d love to see how the director would handle how Mace sees shatterpoints because that has potential to look amazing.

3. Mace Windu
If we can’t get a film adaptation of Shatterpoint, I’d love to see a spinoff film about Mace Windu anyways.  Sure, Samuel L. Jackson is older now but I bet audiences would love to see the Jedi Master on a mission somewhere saving a planet.  The galaxy is a writer’s oyster here really because that mission could involve almost anything.  Bonus points if it involves a team up with his former padawan and good friend Depa Billaba.  Honestly, why should Marvel get to have a monopoly on Samuel L. Jackson kicking butt? Share the love with your Disney brethren because it’s Mace freaking Windu!

4. Aayla Secura
If for some strange reason, SLJ doesn’t want to return to the Star Wars universe, another Prequel Era Jedi the writers could turn to is everyone’s favorite blue Twi’lek.  Just like with Mace Windu, there’s plenty of room for artistic freedom here to write Aayla on a mission for the Jedi Council.   The world needs more lady Jedi out there kicking butt and saving planets in starring roles.  I nominate Aayla.  Also acceptable would be the master/padawan team of Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee.  Or even better?  All three of them teaming up to take on some threat.

5. Knights of the Old Republic
The story of Revan is definitely one that could easily be adapted for the screen.  It starts out as the tale of a Republic soldier who discovers that he/she has Jedi powers and must be trained while they search for the Star Forge map.  Can you imagine how fantastic that first climax would be when Malak reveals that the protagonist is actually Revan?  On top of that, you’d have a wonderfully varied cast from Carth and Bastila to Mission to Juhani to cranky old Jolee.  (HK-47 on the big screen.  Just think about it.)  In my dreams, we’d get a female Revan but I’d love to see this film become a reality no matter what gender Revan is.

6. New Jedi Order
Why should the Old Republic Jedi get to have all the fun?  There are plenty of Jedi from the Expanded Universe who could be used to headline a film like Kyle Katarn or Kyp Durron or other members of the original class.  The writers could also easily come up with original characters.  Tie it in to the larger Star Wars universe with perhaps a cameo from Mark Hamill as Grand Master Skywalker sending this young Jedi out on his or her quest and you’re set!

X-wing7. Rogue Squadron
While I think that this would actually be best as an animated series, I definitely wouldn’t say no to a Rogue Squadron film featuring Wedge Antilles, Tycho Celchu, Wes Janson, and Hobbie Klivian.  It’d be a great way to tell a story in the immediate post-Return of the Jedi era without having to worry about recasting the Big Three.  The writers could easily create some Imperial Warlord that no one but the Rogues can take down as an antagonist.  Like in the X-Wing books, the film could be filled with beautifully shot space battles mixed in with some commando missions and plenty of character development!  Bonus points if they include ladies like Iella Wessiri or Winter.

8. Smugglers/Underworld
Everyone likes a loveable rogue so why not have a film that focuses on the smugglers and the underworld of the galaxy far far away?  Whether they choose to have it star an established Expanded Universe character like Karrde or Car’das or someone new, there are plenty of stories that could be told here.  There could be some sort of heist (a la Scoundrels) or perhaps a rivalry between two large smuggling groups.  Again, the sky would be the limit here with what the writers could do.

9. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan
Okay, this one is absolutely a pipe dream because I doubt Liam Neeson would come back to Star Wars and I don’t think Ewan McGregor can convincingly pull off a 20 year old Obi-Wan anymore but wouldn’t a film about their adventures as a Master/Padawan team prior to The Phantom Menace have been great?

10. The Crystal Star: The Tale of Waru
No, I’m just kidding.  Honestly.  That would be the worst spinoff film ever.  Yes, even worse than a Jar Jar Binks film.  Waru loves you.

These, of course, are just a few of my own ideas.  Sound off in the comments and let us know what spinoff Star Wars films you‘d like to see!  We will give bonus points for creativity. 😉


7 thoughts on “10 Spinoff Film Ideas

  1. Of all the ideas you presented, I am most in favor of Knights of the Old Republic being adapted for the big screen. That being said, the story was presented extremely well as a game; it was made for a game, after all. It would be very difficult to re-create that magic on the big screen.

    I am also not a fan of adaptations. Once a story has been told, it has been told and re-telling it through a different medium does not do the story justice, nor does it enhance the experience.

    Personally, what I would like to see as a spin-off is the Galactic Civil War from the perspective of the Galactic Empire. One of my favorite PC games of all time is LucasArts' TIE Fighter and the unique experience of being one of the "bad guys" was a big reason why it was such an original game. I think if we had a chance to follow a Stormtrooper or an Imperial fighter pilot, that would just too sweet...

  2. How about going back, way back like Dawn Of The Jedi series could become a 10 spin-off series telling it as a separate from the DOTJ comics. not copying it, try to tell a different story as the RISE AND BIRTH OF THE JEDI way back before the DAWN OF THE JEDI.

  3. Rogue Squadron. I would love to see a Rogue Squadron movie or series. If it is set close to the OT (or even during it) it avoids all continuity trouble with the sequels, and there is a wide variety of options (even a Jedi pilot would be possible, if people can't imagine SW without Jedi). Personally, I would love to see Soontir Fel in it, as well. The Rebellion's best starfighter pilots vs. the Empire's best.

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  5. X-Wing Rogue is long enough to be a multi-year episodic program on TV.

    How about the rise of Thrawn? Start with Outbound Flight and follow Thrawn threw his Emperial conquest. This can lead into what should be the movies they're making now - the Thrawn Trilogy!

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